Loveth Chizy is a Behavior therapist with a great passion for fashion and style. she graduated with a degree in Biology and psychology and currently pursuing her Masters in Mental Health Counseling. She has a great passion for all things fashion, photography, travel and for helping others.

It is safe for you to call her a jack of all trends. Loveth is no stranger to fashion, she has been stylish from a young age always experimenting and often find herself styling her family and friends. She loves to experiment with 70’s disco, 80’s style, modern and high fashion, drawing inspiration from everything like nature, history, culture and mixing high-end brands with low-end brands.

Whether you are on a low or high budget she can always work with you. For Loveth, Fashion is not just about luxury and name brand; it’s about her authentic self. It’s about being comfortable in whatever she wears and that’s her goals for her clients. she believes style starts with the person.

She is always reaching more for what the heart can feel and not what the eye can see. She cares deeply about motivating people and helping them embrace their differences. Her goal is to help people take a confident approach to fashion. Styling is a way to express herself.