Hot sunny day in Chicago, i had an event to attend, which was totally unplanned. Now as a woman, you know the struggle to find an outfit in less than an hour. I wanted an outfit that would help me cool off, and yes i know black is not typically the best color on a hot day, but that was why i went with this Zara net top. The top is a see-through, its light and the material is so soft on the skin, so it was appropriate for the weather. If you notice, this pattern of pant is the same pattern as the leather pant i had on my last post. It is my new favorite pattern of pant because of how free and comfortable they are. I am not a big fan of skinny jean, i don’t like pant that are too tight on me. I like to be free at all times, so when i come across loose pants, i grab onto it LOL. This pant is just the perfect fit for me

I thrown on a black hat to make my outfit look more casual. You can never go wrong in black, its one of my favorite colors. Although its not the best options on a blazing hot day, but you can always make it work. Best part of the whole outfit? very affordable.

Top: Zara

Pant: Forever21

Hat: Wet seal

Shoe: JustFab

Jewelers: Forever21


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