Hellooo my beautiful people!!!

Its been a month or thereabout, i know life has been a bit busy, but am back now with something colorful. Its a new and exciting month, i hope you’ll are ready to make the best out of it, cause i am.

Fall has officially begin! can you believe that? I don’t know about you guys, but i love this time of the year. When the color of trees are vibrant and changing everyday, the smell of the dampness of cooler mornings, and the sounds of the crunching leaves at ones feet. As the weather changes, so does our fashion style. People start to look for everyday styles that stands up to the chill, like cozy sweaters and oversized turtlenecks, along with fall outfit ideas for both school, work, and special occasions. Its part of the struggle of trying to make sure your wardrobe is seasonally appropriate.

They are so many ways to get in on this fabulous, fall inspired trend without spending so much money. Because the weather is still friendly over here, and because i still have a little bit of that summer vibe, i decided to mix it up with the spirit of fall fashion. I decided to go with this off- shoulder yellow crop top along with brownish-orange pant. This outfit is the epitome of autumn, with the modest length of the pant and the vibrant color combination. I had the opportunity to rock a crop top one more time before this crazy Minnesota cold kicks in, so i took advantage of it. I Love, love bright colors because they shine with youthfulness, optimism, enlightenment, fun and its exciting. Yellow specifically is psychologically the happiest color in the spectrum. Yellow and orange suggest ideas of joy and creativeness. So if you are thinking about colors for this fall season, think more bright. ­čÖé

My peer of yellow sandals are so comfy and easy to slip on, they are one of my most comfortable shoes, i can wear them for hours. As a lady, we always need some kind of purse to fit our little items like makeup and all our girly stuff, my mini brown purse made out of animal skin was perfect for that. Although i can’t remember where my purse is from, because have had it for quite a while, but I do remember that it was on sale. This whole outfit was completely affordable, and can be worn for casual occasions when you want to look and feel delightful, it can also be worn for a casual evening dinner or gatherings with friends.


Top: Forever21

Pant: Forever21

Shoes: Blazcollections

Purse: Unknown

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