Hellooo my beautiful people.

Its a new week, which mean new challenges and new adventures. I hope you’ll make this new week amazing. I’m back this week with something casual.

There is something about the color white that i cant seem to get over, it one of my favorite color to wear. You want that pure and chic look? then you can never go wrong with white on white. It is one of the most overlooked fashion trends that makes its own rules. If you’re ready to be a little bit daring, how about going white on white.

The look i was trying to go for was a casual street chic look, with a simple T-shirt, distressed white denim and heels. When it feels like you wanna try something modern and street chic, then I recommend you try white distressed denim and a white top.

White looks amazing on everyone. White is fresh, it’s so photogenic, it’s so spring’ish, and so bright, which is great. But the only problem i have with white outfits, is the don’t stain them situation. That is a MAJOR issue. I love to wear white denim, but on 3 out of 5 occasions, i have spilled drinks, food, and mostly makeup on my white. And now I own a pair of dirty white jeans.

Other than that, white denim is a beautiful switch and a great denim variation. I mean we can only have so much blue going on, we need to switch it up. It also gives you a fresh, clean feeling, a very sophisticated look, and can be worn wth different tops.

For an added bit of color and texture I added a bright red lace up sandals, since have got a little red on my T-shirt it works perfectly. The mini backpack gaves it that extra casual look. This is a very comfortable outfit, and can be worn on different occasion, either during the day or at night. Going for a drink with friends or just going about your daily activities. My T-shirt was a gift from a special someone, so i don’t know where its from but the details for the rest of the fit is down below.

Outfit Details

Top: Unknown

Denim: Wet sale

backpack: Unknown

Shoes: Blazcollections

I hope this was an inspiration for white outfits. Stay Stylish in white denim! Leave your comments and let me know what you think.


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