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It’s no secret i love distressed denim, i probably own more jeans with holes in them than i do without. I’m so in love with my favorite ripped boyfriend jeans. If styled right, it is the perfect combo of casual and chic. Distressed denim has become an effortless and timeless trend that instantly makes you feel like a rockstar. It is that elusive denim style that i recommend everyone should try. When a pair of jeans looks so comfy, how could we not try them? But the big question now is, how do we wear these jeans without looking like an actual boy? The answer all lies in the styling.

The tricky part about picking out the right boyfriend jean is making sure that it gives you a favorable look. The major key to picking out a boyfriend jean for every body type is to find a pair that’s looser in the rear and thighs, this gives you that signature boyfriend losseness. One mistake a lot of women make when shopping for this kind of jean, is going one size down. If you are naturally a size 6, do not get a size 4, stick to your normal size. Sizing down will make the slouchy jean tighter, taking away that signature boyfriend losseness.

Most times, boyfriend jean comes pre-cuffed like mine did, but if yours dose not, you can always fold them a couple inch above your ankle just to give it that laid back vibe. To add some contrast, throw on a pair of sleek heels. Dressy heels adds an element of surprise, and gives you that classy and sophisticated look. If you are not a heel person, you can wear a pair of sneakers.

To add structure to your distressed boyfriend jeans, jackets and blazers is what you need. Whether it’s a blazer, leather jacket, or trench coat, it add to the play between professional and relaxed. To add a feminine contrast, thrown on a leather, ladylike handbags and some jewelry. That brings the look home.

This look is comfortable and easy to put together. These jean have come in handy for countless lunch dates, date nights, and even casual gathering. You don’t want to know how many times i have been in a rush to leave the house, and wanting to look stylish. Jeans like this are the way to go! They are always my go to. To top it up, they are vey easy to slip on.

Outfit Details

Distressed jean: Wet seal

Blazer: Forever21

Top: H&M

Handbag: JustFab

Shoes: Blazcollections

I hope you enjoyed this post, and you got some inspiration for styling your boyfriend jean. Stay Stylish in your denim! Leave your comment and let me know your thoughts.


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