Hellooo Lovies!!! Hope you’ll are having a fabulous week. I can’t believe it’s December already, the year went by too fast. I was out last night for dinner with some friends, and i thought it would be nice to shear my outfit with you guys.

If you are someone like me who always have the "what do I wear dilemma" then, am sure you understand the struggle of putting an outfit together at the last minute. Its even harder trying to appear sexy while staying warm. But we cant let the cold stop us.

||Outfit details||

Turtleneck Sweater: Universal Traveller

Skirt: Wet seal

Sleeveless faux fur vest: Forever21


As tempting as it may be to stay in and wrap yourself up in a blanket and go into hibernation in the cold weather, don’t do it, don’t let the weather kill your vibe. Get inspired and start packing your calendar with all your favorite after hours activities. keep on planning those date nights with your special somebody, make that dinner plans with your family, and go dancing with your friends. Keep creating unforgettable memories with your loved once, and make sure you stay stylish while doing so.

With love – Loveth Chizy


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