Hello Lovies, Hope you’ll are having a good week. I know have been gone for a while. Life has been a little busy, a little move here and there. But i’m glad to be back with some new stuff.

This year have decided to do things a little different, once in a while, i will try to shear some life lessons along with my fashion post. As i grow older, i have experienced lots of ups and down’s, and i have learned to live my life a certain way. I’m sure a lot of people can relate. Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having noting happen at all or, by having everything happen at once.

When you encounter unexpected setbacks and difficulties, how do you react? Do you immediately get upset or discouraged? Or do you seek the valuable lesson in every setback? I do know a lot of people who get so discouraged, forgetting that the way we handle the issues in our lives forms our view. Every choice and decision we make helps form our view on life. Knowing that is the case, why not let all your thoughts and actions be a positive one.

I have learnt to be Optimistic. When something happens that should upset me or hold me back, I don’t let it affect me in any way but positive. I don’t let the issue consume me, rather i take for what it. I have always had interest in positive psychology, learning more about why I am able to view live in a positive way, not because I’m less likely to be affected then anyone else but because I have a different understanding. No matter what happens, I think I can handle it, I might be down at that moment or for a few hours, but am always able to pick myself up.

"Positive thinkers, sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieve the impossible." We all going through something in life, But we ought to stay positive, stay prayed up, and have faith that in due time all will fall into place.

Ok, back to my outfit. I was trying to go for a casual classy look, something comfortable, but yet makes me feel elegant. My top and my clutch was a gift from a friend, so i don’t really know where it’s from. Enjoy the look and stay Fabulous

With Love _ Loevth Chizy

||Outfit Details||

Top: Unknown

Pant: Forever21

Shoes: BlazCollections

Clutch: Uknown


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