Hello Lovies,I still can’t believe we are already in the second week of March. The year is moving so fast. This particular post should have been up last week, but i was on a little adventure in Miami, and i was just too lazy to work on anything LOL. But vacation is over, so back to reality.

This week, i just want to quickly touch base about living according to your wage. Our generation is so obsessed with the latest designer shoes, name brand, expensive human hair, and wanting to live the celebrity life style. We are starting to forgetting who we are, and how much we make for a living. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying i don’t like the good life, the expensive shoes, cloths and all that jazz. I’m just saying i don’t go out of my way to get what i cannot afford. I am the kind of person who will buy something just because it looks cute, and not caring if its nameless. I don’t care about name brand, as long as it look good and as long i can rock it, then am buying it.

Social media has also played a big role in making people feel like they only have to wear an outfit once. Have hard the saying "its on Instagram, i cant wear it again to another event." But its your cloths tho, you bought it with your hard earn money, so why do you have to seek permission from people to wear what you bought with your own money. You honestly don’t need new outfit to stand out. if you cannot afford it, just get creative, look for ways to re-style the outfit for it to look like a totally different outfit. My Mum always says "cut your coat according to your size" It simply just means ACT YOUR WAGE Don’t go broke trying to look rich. It’s not a competition, It’s not about brand name, its about PERSONAL STYLE. If you can afford all the expensive stuff, great, but if not, just get creative. Be true to yourself, that way you can live a happy life.

This outfit, i have had for over a two years if not three. In fact this pear of white heels i have had for over 5 years. Once in a while i go through my closet to look for things i haven’t worn in a long time, i was going to get rid of this shoes, but then i took a second look at them, they are in perfect condition, and i can literally count how many times i had worn them. The purse i got from Sally. I actually didn’t buy them, i went to sales to get my hair product, and because i spent over $70 at the store i was given this purse as a complementary gift. They had it in different color but of course i chose the white.


Top: Wet Seal

Jean: Forever21

Purse: Sally Beauty store

Shoes: nichii

Enjoy the look, and i hope this has inspired you to get creative with what you have in your closet Enjoy the rest of the week, and stay fabulous.

With Love -Loveth Chizy


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