If you know me well, you know that off the shoulder style is my signature look. 80 percent of my cloths are off the shoulder. Right from a young age, I have always loved anything off-shoulder, whether its a top, dress, or jumpsuit. It gives me that 80s vibe

And yes off-course there is a story behind it.

As a teenager i was very skinny and really active. I was a dancer and did lots of different sport. I wanted to do everything my brother did. Because of how athletic have always been, i have a nicely toned arm which most people will call muscular. I got teased a lot, i was body shamed because of my appearance. I was told I’m so skinny and my head was way bigger than my body, I was told i looked like a boy because i had little to no butt or boobs, all you could see was neck and ribs LOL literally it felt like my collarbone could hold a whole cup of water. I was really insecure about my body all through my teenage years. Because of that i hardly wore sleeveless tops or dresses that showed my upper arm or shoulders. Not until i got to college, and i started getting over my insecurities, and i used that annoyance to fill my closet with all the outfit that i missed out on.

How society perceives us affects us on many levels, it shapes us in many ways, possibly more than we realize, from our interactions, to our personal development. The media to be precise has increasingly become a platform that reinforces cultural beliefs and projects strong views on how we should look, that we as individuals often unknowingly or knowingly validate and perpetuate. We start looking at what is defined as perfect images of others and then look to find those same idealized characteristics in ourselves, and when we don’t find them, we feel worse about ourselves. It’s a cycle that breeds discontent. With such strong societal scrutiny, the focus on how we look can slide into the dark side resulting in negative body image.

Wether you are consider too fat, too skinny, too short, too muscular, or too tall, you should learn to create a positive image about your body. This can be done by understanding that healthy attractive bodies come in many shapes and sizes, and that physical appearance says very little about our character or value as a person.

Many years gone by, i am now very comfortable in my own skin, and i actually take every advantage to show off my nicely toned arm, because why not? I get complement on a daily base about my body and how nicely toned my arms are, so why should i feel uncomfortable in my body because one or two people feel or say i am not their idea of attractive. I workout 3 to 5 days a week, putting in so much work to look the way i look. You think i’m muscular? your cup of tea. " I’m not you, you’re not me. I’m not her and she’s not me" We all have different bodies for a reason, and when you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her, it defines you!

Back to my outfit, Off-shoulder style is one of the biggest fashion trend in the spring/summer time. From tops to dresses to jumpsuits, you’re sure to see a ton of shoulder-baring options out there. There are so many ways you can incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. They are quite versatile depending on the accessories, they can be dressed up or be made to look super casual. They expose a little skin without being too in-your-face sexy. I personally like to style mine with high waisted pant or skirt. It gives me that classy and edgy feel. For this particular look, i was going for a urban classic look with a little traditional twist.

Outfit details are down below. Enjoy the look and thanks for stoping by.

Stay fabulous – With love, Loveth Chizy

Outfit Details ||

Top: Image

Pant: Local stylist

Choker: ALDO Accessories

Black Pump: Blazcollection (on IG)

Hat: Target


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