I don’t know about y’all, but as soon as i receive a wedding invitation, the first thing that comes to my mind is "What do i wear" lol I’m sure a lot of you can relate. With all the generals rules laid out on how to dress to a wedding such as not wearing white, not wearing reviling clothing, or not looking unkept. Even with all this rules, it is still very difficult deciding what to wear. Weddings are one of the most exciting event, that makes everyone wants to be on there "A" game when comes to outfit. Starting with the bride, to the bridesmaids, and even the guest wants to look there best. So it can be a lot of pressure getting ready for a wedding, but one tip to have in mind is that dressing for a wedding reception depends greatly on the wedding location, and at what time the wedding is taking place.

If you happen to be the one getting married, choosing your bridesmaids outfit can be another struggle, trying to keep everyone happy and feeling beautiful while staying true to your vision of your wedding can be a great challenge. If you happen to be a guest, deciding on a reception dress can be hard too, so i thought of shearing this look with you guys.

This long sleeve lace up gown is perfect for a wedding reception, as a guest or as a bridesmaid you can early rock this look. It is decent and comfortable, and the back drop gives it a little more spice. It is perfect for women who are not comfortable with showing arms or cleavage. It also shows off your curves nicely, and leave you looking elegant and class at the same time. This dress can also be worn as a reception dress for a bride who is going for something simple and neutral. I love how this dress feels,

With this dress you don’t need to many accessory. I was going for a simple natural look, so i needed to may the dress pop was this simple gold chocker neckless, to give me a slightly more sophisticated look. Outfit detail down below.

|| Outfit Details ||

Dress : Hot Miami Styles

Clutch: LV

Gold Choker: Forever21

Ring: Forever21

Thank you for stoping by and i hope enjoy the look.

XOXO Loveth Chizy


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