I’m a little behind on this post, it should have been up a few days ago, but my schedule has been way off with the Hurricane, and with the power being out for a few days totally throw me off my game. So I have been behind on my daily routines. If you follow me on IG you already had the good news, but I’m still happy to announce to y’all that I am the new Brand Ambassador for @imjusttarr

I received this Glam Tassel earrings and this multipurpose wrist/waist beads and I must say, I am totally in love with this brand. I use to be a fan of big dangling earrings, but as I get older, I find myself staying away form them simply because they can be heavy and sometimes uncomfortable. But after trying out this tassel earrings, I felt like it was made for me. It’s light, and honestly the quality is so great. And the fun part is, its available in different colors.

As for the multipurpose wrist/waist beads I was so hyped about it, because for the longest time I have been looking for one of these. As a teenage girl, I use to wear one of these beads on my waist, I had a particular one that i got form Nigeria years ago, and I wore them for three years straight, I never took them off. I showered and slept with them on, and they never fell apart. Not until my dad made me take them off. Ever since then I have been looking for one that could last that long.

I love to wear waistbeads for personal reasons, noting tied to it. Personal it makes me feel sexy and it helps me tracks if I’m gaining weight or not LOL waist beads are traditionally worn under clothes by African women, and it does have different meaning depending on ones culture and belief. For some people it’s a rites of passage, for some it’s to entice there husbands and for others it’s for healing and rejuvenation. In Other cultures it is believed that waist beads helps your waist get smaller. So ladies if you trying to get a small waist maybe you should try one of these beads. I’m not sure it actually works so don’t quote me on that LOL

So far I am loving my beads form @imjusttarr I have had them on for over three weeks now, and I can comfortably say “they are of good quality.” I haven’t taken them off for three weeks, I take a shower with, I have on several occasions mistakenly pull on them while dressing and undressing and so far it hasn’t fall apart. So I am really happy with it.

The lady behind this brand works so her and puts so much love on her products so go check them out. It is a pleasure to represent a brand that brings out a woman’s beauty therefore I feel so honored to be representing @Iamjusttarr.

This beautiful Tassel earrings and multipurpose waist beads can be purchased on there website And to receive 15% off any regular priced items when you spend a minimum of $20, use my Discount Code: LOVETH this code is valid only until the end of September, so hurry now and go get your glam on.

Enjoy the look!

|Outfit Details|

Dress: Image

Earrings: Iamjusttarr

Choker: @jummyscorner On IG

Wrist/waist beads: Iamjusttarr

Shoes: Windsor

Thanks for stopping By. Stay fabulous _ Loveth Chizy

Photographed by @soneillphoto On IG


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