My daily activity requires me to be time sensitive, mostly my job. As a Behavior Therapist, I am required to have some kind of timer with me at all time to enable me to take data and record events accurately. And when it comes to my personal life outside of work, I always have a to-do list on things that has to be done at a particular time. It could be a photoshoot, or working on a blog, doing hair, or just running errands.

My 24 hours is not always enough for me to get done with all I have planned for a day, so I had to learn to manage my time.

What better way to help me keep track of my time than a super stylish watch? I totally love this modern wooden watch from JORD Watches! If you haven’t hard of them, or you have and haven’t checked them out, then i suggest you do.

They make watches for both men and women and you have an option to engrave whatever you want on your watch.

The watch am wear can be styled in different ways, you can dress up or down with it. You can throw on a few accessories like a gold bangle or any bracelet of your choice to add some spice to your look, or you could simply wear it alone like i did to keep it simple and casual.

Now to what ya’ll have been waiting for. You know what time it is? its giveaway time!!!

I have teamed up with JORD WATCHES to give one lucky winner a $100 credit to use on the JORD site! which can be used toward getting your own beautiful wooden watch. There would be one winner, but everyone who enters receives a $25 consolation code at the end of the contest.

Here is how to enter for the giveaway

Go to Giveaway

Enter your name and details

Pick the watch you want. Here are some helpful links

For men watches here

For women watches here

My watch here

The contest will close 10/8 at 11:59pm. Then the lucky winner would be announced Remember everyone who enters gets a $25 gift code. Technically its a win, win situationNOTE: All gift code expires 12/31/2017


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