This past weekend I was in Atlanta visiting family and friends, it was a much needed weekend getaway. I did noting but eat, laugh, caught up with shows, and spent quality time with family.

In order to stay warm, i was layered up and drank lots of tea. I had a nice relaxed weekend and i hope y’all did too. My comfort is my number one priority when picking out what to wear, that is why i go for oversized or baggy outfit. I totally love this outfit because of how comfortable i felt in them, I’m a size 4 but i got my coat in a size 10. This is the ideal winter coat, a coat that can elevate all of your outfits, whether you are dressed up or down. I picked this coat because i wanted something that will  keep me warm on the airplane at the same time  look good with everything i packed in my suitcase for my 3 days stay. The pant of course is my favorite piece and you can guess why 🙂

 My whole outfit is from H&M


Enjoy the look! xoxo ~ Loveth_Chizy





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