Some of us are focused, we find our path and we walk down it with purpose. While some  of are ‘scanners’, interested in so many things we find it hard to choose which to pursue. And some of us are just very ambitious, interested in so many things and we pursue them all at the same time. I fall in this ambitious category. 

When I was young i knew exactly what i wanted to be when I grew up. I was always interested in helping others and when I was asked what I want to be, I always said I want  to be a doctor. I watched so much TV medical dramas and played pretend doctor. My ambition in life was clear. so no one was surprised when I said I wanted to go to medical school. But I had so many other interest, I was into Art, and fashion. In college I was exposed to so many other things and I finally built up the courage to pursue other the other things that I enjoyed.

Although my career path changed slightly, I still had one problem, finding a way to balance it all. In my college years I was able to keep a balance to a certain levels, I had less responsibilities, I didn’t have to work full time as I had my family supporting me, I had extra time to chill with my friends and go on adventures.

But as I grew into adulthood, I started struggling with balancing my old life with my new life. There are days where I felt like I was drowning, that feeling of not being able to accomplish all my goal and have that extra time for myself was very depressing for me. I took on so much at one time, I was burnt out and I often got so stressed out that I found myself being unhappy.   

I had People call me a dreamer, or a drifter  because it seems that I lack focus. But no, I am focused, I just have so much I want to accomplish. But all that negative comments  left me doubting myself, I had to take a step back to reevaluate my life. I wrote down 10 things that makes me extremely happy and I realize all the things I was pursue are part of the things that set my soul on fire. So I came to a conclusion that I won’t settle for less, I will go for everything I want. Why shouldn’t be able to explore all of my interests. 

This time I plan to do things differently. I had to learn to keep a balance in my life. Trying to balance your daily schedule and your life is a very important task that is often regularly overlooked. Our day-to-day tasks can involve important responsibilities like work and children, in my case, it was work, blogging, planning a wedding and all my other interest. But I was able to find a way to keep a balance in my life. I stated with assessing my life as it is now, then I made a conscious decision and in order to make real changes I set goals and made sure I followed through. I’m currently still working on this, but I’m taking everyday as it comes and working one minute at a time.

Here are some tips that I have been using to stay consistent in my daily schedule. 

  • I list out my tasks and responsibilities. Recognizing the different areas in my life such as school and work  the tasks associated with them.
  • I Prioritize these responsibilities. Starting with which tasks “need” to be taken care of first and which task can be accomplished at a later time
  • I created a  user-friendly To-do-list on my phone where I listed the time frame or date a task needs to be accomplished. In your case you can also use a calendar . 
  • I update my scheduler regularly once the task has been completed or needs to be adjusted. 
  • I am learning to utilize your support system.  ask for help from my significant other or my friends when needed
  • Most importantly I make it a priority to schedule in free time and healthy/pleasurable activities for myself daily! Devoting time daily to things that you enjoy and that bring you a sense of calm could help you remain energized and motivated and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. Which was something I was neglecting.

There is always room for us to improve and better our lives, and I am constantly working on bettering mine. I hope this little tip help you keep a balance in your day to day living. 


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