At one stage in my life I went through that tomboy phase.  I wanted to do everything my brother did, and I only wanted to hang with him and he’s friends but he wouldn’t let me. And then I started incorporating mens accents into my style. Years later, even as an adult every once in a while I still get in that vibe, the freedom and comfort I get in these outfits are why I love to dress like a tomboy.

Not very girl is into high heels, and mini skirt, and even thoes who are, have days when they want to unleash their inner tomboy by rocking trousers, oxfords or even buttoned up shirts. I fall in that category, when it comes to fashion and style I can basically make anything work. hence my inspiration for my modern tomboy look

|Outfit Details|

Pant: Urban Outfitters

Hat: Forever21

Shoes: Zara



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